Personal Protection Equipment

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The only expandable banner system of its kind. In ground insertion or base insertion for more versatility.  Covering TX, OK, LA, AR, MS and W. TN


offers FR and NFPA70e compliant clothing for electrical, petrochem & gas utility workers.
Markets Covered: TX, OK, LA, AR and MS
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Abrasive Wheels and Discs, Welding Blankets, roll stock & Curtins, 3 levels of WeldWear Clothing ( Capes, Sleeves, Jackets etc).Covering TX, OK,LA,MS,AR

Metal gasoline containers, safety cans & cabinets, haz-mat spill containment pallets, salvage & overpack drums, Safe Smokers,Oily Waste Cans, Biomedical waste cans. Markets Covered: TX, OK, LA, AR, MS, and TN Web-  


Portable & Fixed Gas Detection instruments. Single and Mutil gas products.  Markets Covered: TX, OK, LA, AR, MS and TN

The Worlds best retractable gear attachment systems and Industrial tool lanyards. Markets Covered: TX, OK, LA, AR, MS, and TN


The world's premier manufacturers of PAPR helmets, combined with respiratory protection,  face shields, visors, & comm. equipment.
Markets Covered: TX, OK,LA, AR, MS, W.TN 
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The Flare Alert is a highly visible electronic safety beacon that utilizes high output LEDs to make its user visible.  Simply turn it on and set it down.



A complete source for Signs, Tags and Labels. Lock Out Tag Out.

Chemical Resistant PVC & PU boots. Waterproof and chemical resistant protective clothing and Rainwear. Markets Covered: TX, OK, LA, AR, MS, and TN


The industry leader in Specialty and safety flashlights, remote area lighting systems and Watertight protective cases for shipping and storage.
Markets Covered: TX, OK, LA, AR, MS, and TN
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Full line of gloves, safety eyewear, rainwear, disposable respirators, hand sanitizer, Eflares - ANSI Hi Viz  Reflective Safety,Class 2 & 3 vests, shirts, pants, jackets, coats, rainsuits, hats etc., Gore-Tex Rainwear, cool bandanas, winterliners, backbelts, kneepads, hard hats, lens cleaning, denim, neoprene, and poly and special products for Food service and cleanroom needs. Markets Covered: TX, OK, LA, AR, MS, TN


Description: Slice 
Slice offers innovative cutting tools for your home, office, and school, and
industrial applications.  Markets Covered: TX, OK, LA, AR, MS, and TN


Speakman pioneered safety showers over 50 years ago.. Their
products include Emergency Showers , Face & Eye Washes. Markets Covered:TX,OK LA,MS,AR


Chemical Storage Buildings. Prefabricated and design and
build to specifications. Markets Covered: TX, OK, LA, MS, AR


Wearwell matting, anti-fatigue and non-slip matting, Anti static and switchboard matting and specialty products. Markets Covered: TX, OK, AR, and LA